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Information about PostScript and linearization of photo scans

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Information, date and content of DIN 33871-1:2003 and ISO/IEC/FCD 19752:2003

Test charts of the folders BExx (B=BAM, E=English, xx=00 to 99)

BE02: 990315: Test: Training PostScript (PS) with 16 colour figures

BE04: 990511: BAM-test charts: Photo film and Photo-CD scans:
Variation of exposure of slide and negative film: original and optimization

BE60X: 030401: Digital DIN-test charts no. 1 and 2 (form 1, 2 and 3) according to DIN 33871-1:2003-10
"Preparation of refilled inkjet print heads and inkjet tanks for inkjet printers"
Digital files in file formats PostScript (PS), Portable Document (PDF) and Corel-Draw (CDR).

BE601: 030401:Different BAM modifications of the DIN-test charts according to DIN 33871-1:2003-10

BE80X: 030515: Proposal for digital ISO/IEC-test charts (form 1 to 9) according to ISO/IEC/FCD 19752:2003 for yield and image reproduction properties of monochrome printers
"Method for the determination of toner cartridge yield for monochromatic electrophotographic printers and multifunctional devices that may contain printer components"

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Further information about International and National Standards, Technical Reports, and Meetings
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