2002-07-08: Third DFZ-BAM Workshop "Colour Image Reproduction", November 20, 2002, BAM, Berlin
and International colour meeting FARB-INFO '02, BAM, November 20-24, 2002, BAM, Berlin
Meeting program and information, info02

Second DFZ-BAM Workshop, June 14-15, 2001, BAM, Berlin
Digital and analog ISO/IEC-test charts for multimedia devices in offices
Definition, production, application and colour management of ISO/IEC-test charts for image reproduction on copiers, printers, scanners, photo-CD-systems, monitors and displays in offices

INFO 21: First announcement of second workshop: Introduction, registration, information and papers
html, PDF, German html, PDF

INFO 22: New 010606: Second announcement of second workshop: Introduction, registration, information and program with timetable for oral presentations, poster sessions and exercises
html, PDF, not available in German

INFO 23: New 010606: Paper abstracts for the program of the second workshop
html, PDF, not available in German

INFO01: Information about Travel to the BAM (german and english including three airports)
INFO02: Information and adresses about
Ways to the BAM
INFO03: How to reach
Main Building: Unter den Eichen 87, for DFZ-BAM-Workshop, June 14 to 15, 2001
INFO04: How to reach
Separate Building Fabeckstraße: Unter den Eichen 44-46 (for technical meetings of DIN, ISO and ISO/IEC)
INFO05: Information about
Hotels near to the BAM

First Workshop: Digital and analog ISO/IEC-test chart reproduction in offices, Nov. 1-2, BAM, Berlin, 1999
INFO 11: First announcement, Workshop and Status Report ISO/IEC FDIS 15775 (english, 1999-May)
html and PDF
INFO 12: Workshop final program: Introduction and papers (english, 1999-09-20) html (english, 1999-09-22) page 1 PDF, page 2 PDF

BAM press release 11/99 of November 5, 1999:
Reference material for the information technology (in german)

DIN-NI-28 report about DFZ-BAM-Workshop November 1-3, 1999:
Quality improvement in image reproduction (in german)

FARB-INFO '99: The leading central european meeting for colour, Nov. 1-7, BAM, Berlin, 1999
INFO 21: First announcement, FARB-INFO, Nov. 1-7, BAM, Berlin, 1999,
PDF (german, 1999-May)
INFO 22: FARB-INFO final program, page 1,
PDF (german, 1999-09-21)
INFO 23: FARB-INFO final program, page 2,
PDF (german, 1999-09-21)

Workshop and FARB-INFO '99: General information
INFO 31: Suplement with registration form for Workshop and FARB-INFO'99:
(german/english, 1999-09-20) Seite 1
PDF, Seite 2 PDF
INFO 32: Recommended hotels (english)
INFO 33: Other hotels (english)
INFO 34: How to find the BAM (english/german) PDF

Digital Internet test chart according to DIN 33866-2 (May 1998):
see: , try if this fails
for the german version:
for the english version:

compare: DIN-Pressemitteilung über Farbkopiergeräte, April 1998: