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BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter
Visual Methods and Image Reproduction in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

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  Visual Methods and Image Reproduction  
  Image reproduction and yield standards  

Image reproduction and yield standards of ISO/IEC and DIN, see

Standards, short title and information about standard test charts
DIN 33866-1 to 5:2000 "Colour Reproduction: Basis, Copiers, Printers, Scanners, Monitors"
DIN 33870 "Yield of achromatic printers"
DIN 33871-1 "Yield of chromatic printers"

ISO/IEC 15775 "Colour reproduction properties of colour copiers"
ISO/IEC TR 19797, 19797TE "CIELAB output linearization of 16-step colour scales"
ISO/IEC TR 24705, 24705TE "Colour reproduction properties: Basic, printers, scanners, monitors"

Information, date and content of
DIN 33866-1 to -5:2000-07

DE: DIN (D) with text in English (E)

Standards DIN 33 866-1 to -5 and applications

The standards DIN 33866-1 to -5 describe the colour image reproduction of copiers, printers, scanners and monitors. The DIN standards correspond to ISO/IEC 15775 for copiers and ISO/IEC TR 24705 for printers, scanners and monitors.

Information container, date and content of
ISO/IEC 15775:1999-12
ISO/IEC TR 24705:2005

IE ISO/IEC (I) with text in English (E)

DIN- and ISO/IEC-test files of the standards

DIN-test charts with colours defined in cmyn* coordinates
Digital DIN-test charts with german text: DG13
Digital DIN-test charts with english text: DE13

ISO/IEC-test charts with colours defined in cmyn* coordinates
Digital ISO/IEC-test charts with german text: IG13
Digital ISO/IEC-test charts with english text: IE13

ISO/IEC-test charts with colours defined in cmy0* (chromatic) or 000n* (achromatic) for both input and output. No MTL code is used in the NP.PDF-files
ISO/IEC-test chart no. 2 (CMY), L96E00NP.PDF
ISO/IEC-test chart no. 3 (grey), L86E00NP.PDF
ISO/IEC-test chart no. 4 (OLV), L98E00NP.PDF

ISO/IEC-test chart no. 2 according to ISO/IEC 15775, colours defined by cmy0* data, PDF, GIF, EPS, TXT

Figures and achromatic and chromatic ISO/IEC-test charts for different Colour Workflow (CW) and Output Linearisation (OL)
All the figures of ISO/IEC-test charts and the ISO/IEC-test charts use diffferent PS operators for input, e. g.
LAB* setcolor
cmy0* setcmykcolor
000n* setcmykcolor
nnn0* setcmykcolor
olv* setrgbcolor
www* setrgbcolor
w* setgray

With parameters the MTL code transfers to one of the above PS operators for output. Any combination is possible and realized. For examples see

ISO/IEC-test charts with colours defined for LAB* input and cmy0* (chromatic) or 000n* (achromatic) output. The MTL code is used for the transformation between LAB* and cmy0* / 000n* coordinates in the FP.PDF-files
ISO/IEC-test chart no. 2 (CMY), L92E00FP.PDF
ISO/IEC-test chart no. 3 (grey), L93E00FP.PDF
ISO/IEC-test chart no. 4 (OLV), L94E00FP.PDF

Information about yield standards DIN 33870:2001, DIN 33871:2003 and ISO/IEC 19752

The yield files produce with achromatic and chromatic printers up to 9 different pages. The files in PostScript or PDF produce e. g. 10 series of 250 pages until the cartridge is empty.

The pages include an image and a frame area. For the yield test only the image area of 170 mm x 250 mm is used. For the emission test of a colour printer with 5 colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, light Cyan, light Magenta) and one achromatic ink at least four 16 step colour series of CMYN must be printed. The light Cyan and Magenta are used to print the lighter colour steps near white. Every step is printed twice on the page to test the variation. The geometrical area coverage of the sample with 14 mm x 14 mm is for full colour print 40% and the visual area coverage is for a 16 step output 20%.

BAM-test chart of of two 16 step colour series for the test of yield and emission of colour printers, PDF, GIF, EPS, TXT

For futher information about yield, see 33871E