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DIN-Workshop (in english)
ISO-test charts for daily Application in Image Technology
Date and place: May 24, 2004, LGA Headquarters, Tillystr. 2, D-90431 Nürnberg

Remark: There will be a next Workshop 2005:
"ISO-test charts of Image Technology for visual displays and visual inspection at work places"
Date and place: April 18-19, 2005, BAM, Unter den Eichen 87, D-12200 Berlin
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For the abstracts of all the presented papers of the DIN-Workshop 2004, see the final program of the DIN-workshop (8 pages,100 kByte))
About 80 people visited the workshop. In the following many papers which have been presented at the DIN-Workshop 2004 are given in PDF format. The order is alphabetic according to the last name of the authors.

Takashi Ito, JBMIA Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association (JP)
Introduction of JIS X 6933 & ISO/IEC 15775-compliant Color Test Charts
for Copying Machines of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC28
, see the URL (2.1 MByte, 35 pages)

Stefan Jaeger, Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) (DE)
Multispectral CIELAB camera for the evaluation of automobile coatings,
see the URL (1.0 MByte, 10 pages)

Paul Jeran, Hewlett-Packard Company (US)
Design of color test pages for consumable yield testing for ISO/IEC JTC1 SC28:
Problems, Approaches and Suggestions, see the URL (1.5 MByte, 13 pages)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter, Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) (DE)
Relative CIELAB output for display systems of ISO TC 159 at daylight work places,
see the URL (1.4 MByte, 27 pages)

Hans Wagenknecht, Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and Lasersoft Imaging AG , Kiel (DE)
Output of 16 step colour scales in the file formats PS and PDF by different computer operating systems on monitors and printers, see the URL (4.8 MByte, 10 pages)

Jens Witt, Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) (DE)
Methods for the Production of analog ISO/IEC-test charts and Applications, see the URL (2.2 MByte, 25 pages)


For basic information about the organisation and place of the DIN-Workshop, see the URL

For the basic reasons of this DIN-workshop, see the URL (this paper in format PDF, 3 pages, 260 kByte)

Some reasons for this workshop
There is a need to inform and exchange ideas about the digital and analog test charts which are used in the field of Image Technology. Most of the material has been developed independently in different ISO, IEC and CIE standard committees for different needs but there is a large overlap.

Example ISO/IEC-test chart for the test of colour reproduction properties of colour copier systems
An example test chart is the ISO/IEC-test chart according to ISO/IEC 15775:1999 which is shown in Fig. 1 and which is available in digital and analog form by different sources, see the URL


This test chart includes many test elements. The many test elements and a 16 step gray scale which is visually equally spaced are some advantages for the application. In 1999 the analog form has been produced as hardcopy with a resolution of 3600 dpi. The hardcopy was at first only used for the test of the color reproduction properties of colour copiers. For instance the Japan national standard JIS X 6933:2002 and the German national standard DIN 33866-2:2000 recommend this test chart for the test of colour copier systems.

Fig. 1: ISO/IEC-test chart according to ISO/IEC 15775 and ISO/IEC/PDTR 24705 in format A6 (only page no. 1, the output is intended for "no" display reflection in the office which is illuminated by daylight), see (150 / 150 / 200 kByte)
L65E00F1.PS / JPG / PDF

New use for the test of colour reproduction properties of scanner, printer and monitor systems
Additonally the analog version (hardcopy) was used for colour scanners, for example in DIN 33866-4. This version was based on a digital version in the file formats PostScript (PS) and Portable Document (PDF) and this digital version was used for the output on monitors and printers, for example in DIN 33866-3 and -5:2000. In 2003 both the analog and digital version of this test chart have been recommended by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC28 in the Proposed Draft Technical Report ISO/IEC 24705 for the test of the colour reproduction properties of printers, scanners, and monitors, see document N670 by the URL


Modification for display system output and 8 different contrast ratios
In 2004 the ISO/IEC test chart has been modified and proposed by Germany for a new proposed standard ISO 9241-306 of ISO TC 159/WG4
"Ergonomics of human system interaction - Ergonomic requirements and measurement techniques for electronic visual displays - Part 6: Workplace assessment methods"

The application case is an office with daylight illumination. This room illumination may change the luminance contrast ratio on the LCD display or the display of a data projector between white and black from large 500:1 to 2:1. The last value is the present minimum requirement defined by ISO TC 159/WG4.

In A4 size this test chart shows eight pages for 8 different contrast ratios at the office workplace. Each page output is for one luminance contrast ratio between larger 500:1 and 2:1. The changes are smaller for high contrast values to allow an appropriate choice in this important application area, see(150 / 150 / 1.600 kByte)

Fig. 2: 16 step gray scales for four different luminance contrast ratios of the display system
The gray scales for four luminance contrast ratios between larger 500:1 and 5:1 may be studied on one page which shows the differences more clearly, see (150 / 150 / 150 kByte)

The modification of the above ISO/IEC-test charts produces 8 pages for 8 different luminance contrast ratios between larger 500:1 and 2:1. At a given workplace the best recognition is given only for one of the 8 pages. In an ideal case the best recognition occurs if the luminance ratio on the page is equal to the measured luminance ratio. For more information see the URL


The DIN-Workshop will allow to study the properties of this file. There will be hardcopy transparent versions and softcopy output demonstrations.

Proposed speakers and posters of the DIN workshop
The chairman of ISO TC 130, Dr. Dolezalek of FOGRA, has agreed to present test charts of his committee in an oral and poster session.
Mr. Wueller will present test charts of ISO TC 42 in an oral and poster session.
Several members of SC28 have agreed to show test charts in an oral and poster session.

Proposed time frame of the DIN workshop
09-10h: Three papers
10-11h: Poster session
11-12h: Three papers
12-13h: Lunch time
13-14h: Three papers
14-15h: Poster session
15-16h: Plenary discussion

Proposed participants
It is expected that most of the delegates of the ISO/IEC SC28 Plenary Session "Information Technology - Office system" from many countries all over the world will be present. This Plenary session is scheduled at the same place between May 24 and 28, 2004.

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